Back to reality !!

My vacation was much needed, but i must say, it’s nice to have a place to come back to. About 6 months ago my boyfriend planted a small seed in my head, and it went a little something like this !!hey baby, why don’t you give my dad’s wife some of your products so she can make you some money from a distance free of charge. Now six months later I’m finally getting the rest of my inventory back and she only sold 10% of it!! Once the frustration passed i was so excited to see my old work i had a little fashion show, all by my lonesome, but it was so much fun. Most of my vacation i just hung around, but towards the end i worked really hard on about 4 chain wraps, 4 dog jackets, & 2 baby hats, the picture will be coming soon!


Oh vacation how I love you so !!!

Monday was officially my first day of vacation. All weekend I pretty much took a break from crocheting, but yesterday I was working on overload. I made two chain wraps & a dog jacket. My main goal is to keep crocheting interesting,  so I’m trying to think of new things to make everyday!

I go where ever the yarn takes me !

Soooooooooooooooooooooo.. for the past two days I’ve been going crazy with making baby hats, and adding my new addition to the wrap collection, which i like to call the “chain wrap”. I’ve made 3 chain wraps so far creme, teal, & multi color. I’ve also made two baby hats with the cutest faces on them ever.I’m trying to get a little more creative with my design so wish me luck on my journey!

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

so this weekend was pretty amazing, on Friday night as soon as i went home from work , i headed over to southern blvd to stock up on some yarn.i pretty much spent $30 bucks and brought a whole bunch of colors in the blue family….now this week it’s time to bring my designs to life… i think i’m going to try and work on custom hats all week. i got a great idea from my besty , to make some hats with my last name on it so i can give them to my siblings, so let the money making begin !!!

Chain Wrap

So i decided yesterday  i would try a new invention called  the chain wrap. My First  demo didn’t come out as planned but, the second one came out better than ever !