Wam Bam-Thank You Mam!

Hat & Gloves

This Morning on the train i was half way done with a Multi-colored purse that i started yesterday on my way home from work and i finished it today at lunch time. After making the purse i started a new project, In two hours I finished a newborn baby hat and a matching pair of gloves.

Mini Purse


A Special Gift For Ollie BOoM bOoM

Last night i finished Ollie’s jacket on the train and i would say it took me about 4 hours to complete, if i would’ve crochet straight through. When i got home i started making another jacket  (black with colorful specs) but half way through i got tired and decided to call it a night! As i said before i usually make one item a day,but i just remembered after making Ollie’s coat i had a little yarn left over and i made a baby hat which took me about an hour.

$12 for toy size dogs

Easter was pretty Amazing><

I wanted to give a shout out to my cousin SERGIO… when i saw him yesterday , he told me that he reads my blogs and it meant a lot to me!  It’s always nice to know that family supports you , so here’s to Sergio Torres Jr. ( AKA-Ghost Face) what’s popping cuzzo! yesterday was such a great day, my mom got to meet my godson for the first time and i got a chance to bring the dogs with me upstate so they could  run free in my mom’s backyard for a few hours. We also decided to take a nice walk to the carnival which was a few blocks away , but unfortunately we got poured on in the process with the baby & 4 dogs, but  i must say it was a memorable occasion! Besides all the fun i had on Easter I’ve been working really hard on making some new purses and a few new dog jackets for the spring.I finally got to see my besty Kimmie after 8 months and meet her lil pup ollie boom boom.  I just started making a really cute jacket for him and i want Kimmie to know that i love you  and thanks for everything, ollie’s jacket will be done by tonight!

It’s Bunny Time.

I’ve been trying to decide all week what to get my sister’s for Easter, and i finally came up with a great idea. I thought instead of buying them an Easter basket filled with candy like i usually do,  i could crochet them a bunny bucket. I like to think of my gifts as unique & irreplaceable, but of course i waited till the last minute to start working on them. As of right now i have made two bunny buckets  and i have one left to put together for Skyler ( my godson). I also made the cutest little camera case yesterday with a braid strap and i can’t wait to wear it.

Sitting Pretty In The City..

Between making baby stuff and dog jackets, i haven’t decided which one entertains me more. I was suppose to start working on arm warmers, but 5 lines in i found myself already bored and decided that making a pretty pink dog jacket would be a much better idea. Now that spring is approaching, i thought my crochet business would take a big hit but it definitely feels like fall out there. So on a colder note thank you mother nature for keeping me in business, just take it easy with the rain…..

toy size dogs

Ingenuity In The Making..

Today i want to share a short story with you. I was sitting on the train and a little boy sat in the empty seat next to me as his father stood up in front of him. when a few stops passed,  i spotted an available seat right across from me, and i thought if i got up, than this father could sit next to his son.  All it would take was a few seconds to get up and move so i just did it. About 10 min. later i looked over and the father was reading his son a book as the boy snuggled up on his shoulder. I really felt like i made that little boy’s morning. All it took was a small kind gesture to brighten up their day. I thought if everyone took 5 minutes out of their day to make someone Else’s life a little better this world would definitely be a better place to live in.

My weekend was spent making a very special bunny cocoon for a little baby boy expected to make an appearance in July. Ever since i got into fabric paint, I’ve been fixated with decorating anything i can get my hands on. In honor of  Natalie Dee ( One of the Artist i love) i have made a bag for myself and numerous onesies for my adorable godson, i even decorated a hat! I hope you enjoy my creations and if you have any questions or suggestions send me a comment.


Things that make me smile…

I want to introduce the world to my godson Skyler Lee Cruz. He is the most docile little boy I’ve ever met & of course he is adorable. I seem to be amazed by every little thing that he does, especially when he smiles i seem to melt into a million pieces! I hope to fill you with instant positivity by posting this picture, if you were feeling down you won’t be anymore after looking at this beautiful tiny face, enjoy!

Yesterday i was browsing on google searching for cute art, when i came across chibird, and it just so happened that she has a blog just like me. I instantly felt like i made a friend when i saw that she was also a member of wordpress. Her artwork/comics are not only cute, but they are positive and funny, just what i was looking for. If you’re interested in art do yourself a favor and check her out! http://chibird.com/index.php/page/2/