Him,Them & I….

I haven’t had the time to buy yarn in a while, so I’ve been working with the little scraps that i have at home.The only thing that I’ve really been able to make is matching hats & baby scarves. The past 8 months have been an emotional roller coaster and all i want to do is get off of this crazy ride.To my surprise the past couple of days have been okay, and i’m hoping that a new project can keep me distracted temporarily from my responsibilities.

                                                          Advice From Shells

Anyone + 2Dogs + 2Cats + boyfriend = What the hell are you smoking?                                                                              and                                                                      Anyone +2Dogs+ 2Cats= Utter insanity (no matter how cute they are )


Baby Boy Blues

Dear Babies,

The more i make cute little outfits for you, the more i want you. I just finished another fabulous baby cocoon, and than had a dream i was holding my brand new lil baby boy! Until i woke up and realized i didn’t have a baby which i might say was pretty disappointing!!!! soon enough i’ll have a lil one of my own and he or she will be rocking shellzgoodies straight out the womb!

Baby Boy Blues

From a Washington-Jackson

I Took my Taurus for a walk!

Last Friday my best friend and i went out to dinner .We went to this well known Japaneses restaurant called Benihana and it was amazing. The only weird thing was having to sit next to a bunch of strangers< but the entertainment that was provided made it worth while.


On Saturday we participated in the annual Revlon Run Walk and it was pretty entertaining. We had to meet on 45 and 7th @ 8:20am to make it for the team photo and the walk began @ 9am. We made it from 45-72 street in about 3 hours but of course we stopped a few times just because.