Busy Lil Bumble Bee

Black Square Scarf

The Pom Hats

Blu Berry Cherry Granny Square

Pom Pom


bUnNy pLaY pEn

My boyfriend Jose Cruz is very gifted with his hands & when he starts a project he always finishes it. This weekend i spent a lot of quality time cleaning up the yard with my family and it was a great experience. Before the Bunny play pen was built this area was surrounded with large brances and giant weeds, now it’s a beautiful bunny sanctuary where they can run free and eat greens all day. I want to thank the Marte’s & Jose Cruz my lover for making this weekend so special and helping my bring my ideas to life.

Mid stage


Jose At Work


Bunny Play Pen

Today I’ve saved 14 animals :)

Two Months Ago I read a book called Skinny Bitch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin & This book turned my whole world around. I use to eat meat with breakfast, lunch, & Dinner Until  I realized  that these animals are being used, abused, & tortured from Birth to Death.I guess you can say that my love for Animals is stronger than my desire to eat them. I know that Animals have to die so that we can feel satisfied while we fill our bellies, but the thought of eating an animal that’s been caged,beaten,& forced to grow twice it’s size  in the first few weeks of its life, is pretty depressing . After reading and watching everything these animals have to go through before they end up on our plate,really turned me off to eating meat period! There’s no way I can enjoy meat without thinking of the struggle that each and every one of these little guys went through. I read that the average person eats about 80 animals a year, so I feel great knowing  that I’ve saved 14 animals in the past 2 months .Since I’ve become a pescatarian, I’ve been really excited about the possibility of raising chickens. The thought of having these amazing creatures as pets and getting fresh eggs from them every morning is absolutely inspiring, it motivates me to make a difference one change at a time .

P.s- My obsession with cupcakes has hit a ole time high First it was Magnolia’s, than Crumbs, along came Tonni’s & now I’m addicted to Molly’s Vegan cupcakes. They have the best red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting since I’ve had cake man raven’s.

Molly’s Cupcakes