Child Innocence- A chip off the old block.

The love that a child has for the ones he loves is so pure and innocent, I think it’s the most beautiful connection I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing to see how much one is willing to love & give before they’ve experienced heart break & loss. my son is the sweetest little boy He loves his cat and his dog, everyday when he gets home from school he looks for them, to hug & kiss them. He loves to hug and kiss his stuffed animals, WITNESSING THIS HAS TO BE TO MOST UPLIFTING FEELING IN THE WORLD.As human beings in this huge world, we are all in a rush-we have no time to exchange words of endearment-no time for kindness & hardly anytime to respect each other. we push each other to get on the train- we are rude to the people that serve us on a daily basis & we simply forget to say please or thank you, when sometimes that’s all it takes to brighten up someone’s little baby is the epitome of perfection. the opportunity to watch my son grow is a blessing, and as stressful as being a parent is, I always try to remind myself of this. His new thing is grabbing and kissing toes, usually someone would think that toes are dirty but coming from a kids perception, he knows I always kiss and tickle his toes so he likes to do the same with me and his aunties. lately when I put him on the phone to talk to his daddy he hugs & kisses the phone when he hears his voice and it just melts my heart… I am going to work my hardest to have my son grow into a sweet kind & considerate man, chase cruz is what keeps me going- my muse- my everything.

xoxoxoxoxo -Shellz


Words from the heart

 I like to think of myself as intelligent, but when it comes to love everything is fickle. Love is a battlefield. It has now been almost 4 weeks since I’ve become a single mom and it has been both challenging & enlightening . I’ve realized that life is filled with a profusion of lessons & many of them I have yet to learn, but I plan on taking notes every step of the way. I have been a mom now for a little over 2 years and the joy that my son brings to my world is indescribable . Its kind of insane that you could build a life with someone for 5 years and live together as husband & wife and one second, minute or even an hour everything can change. One would think that after creating life with another human being that this connection alone would bond 2 people forever but it’s a shame that sharing a child isn’t enough to ensure a perpetual union. I truly believe that raising a child takes a village/family- a group of people who love each other and share a common goal to support and look out for the well being of that child. I thank god everyday for my mom & sisters because without them I’d be completely lost. They have a special way of building me up and making me feel like I’m not alone. My main goal is to do every thing that I can to make sure my son is happy and filled with knowledge & love, he means the world to me. Being a mom has changed me for the better, everything I do is for my Lil boy, I have now become a role model to this little person and the love that he has for me is so pure and so sweet that just thinking about it is enough to keep me going-Chase Cruz is my muse. This journey has been lonely, but babies have a way of keeping you busy, I guess the reality is that I don’t have time to be sad. The idea & hope that love is right around the corner is very exciting and that alone is motivation to do better. I just want to find someone who will love my son & I unconditionally, someone who will understand that being a parent takes 100%, someone who will do anything to make our family their #1.. what I really want is a partnership!!! I know for a fact that giving up is easy and fighting to make things better is very difficult but sometimes it takes a smart person to realize when its time to walk away and that decision , sometimes, is the hardest one to make.

I really need


2-Communication all the time.

3-compassion & consideration.


5-someone who understands that  Moms are not suppose to do everything, yes most of us are good at it, yes we did carry our child and make all the sacrifices for them but that doesn’t mean that we want to spend 24 hours with our kids. Moms need breaks too.

I am clueless to what the future has in store for me , but I know it has to be loving, kind & patient.most of my time is spent reading books & articles on what my son needs and what I have to do to make my child excel. It Is very important to me that I give my son a head start to greatness. I am going to try and focus on my son’s accomplishments even as a toddler he is absolutely amazing.

he signs -he loves books-he loves his fruits and vegetables-he talks a lot for his age-and in my eyes that makes my boy perfect!!

I see that one of the main differences between dating someone & being married to that person, is not only the commitment aspect of it but also the fact that you just can’t get up and walk away-In a marriage you promise to be there for that person til death do you part, now vowing to love someone for better or worse is a big deal -so I think people should take it seriously!

The pink penis hat in the room

My friend for almost 14 years is getting married this Sunday and it seems so surreal. I feel like it was just yesterday we were driving around in her cherry mustang getting into all types of trouble, or just staying up all Night eating Hot pockets and talking about boys. I am so happy that she has met her prince charming. So when I went to her bridal shower she told me that she wanted crochet penises and a special pink penis crochet hat, so I knew that I had to do whatever I could to crochet these penises. I must say it was nice giving myself a challenge since I always make the same things anyway. I ended up making her a red & pink penis, a tan penis & a tan penis on a pink crochet hat , she loved it and so did all of her girlfriends. I think my new calling might be making crazy specialty items for bachelorette parties.
Penis hat

Penis hat