My Garden

my gardenpepperswindow garden

i promised myself when i moved to PA that i would garden , and when i moved here that was the first thing i did. I mean i had so many plants growing i felt like it was a full time job. I was growing Sunflowers, Peppers, Tomatoes, Lettuce, wild flowers, & a few other greens.It has been so much tedious work, but it was so worth it, when i saw my 1st flower and veggie blossom.


Ive turned into a RockStar

bear rainbowbear treepeg and catpeppa portrait

Living In the Poconos has turned me into a painter. Since i have become a stay at home mom, my life has been completed  turned upside down. My new routine is to go outside and collect rocks with my son on a daily basis, and turn each piece of hard stone into amazing works of art. I kind of traded my crochet hook  for paint brushes and a sewing machine for a short period of time and i love it.