All About ShellZ

Contact Info.

If you would like to place an order please contact me via email at -put crochet order in the subject line or via Home phone after 6pm @ 718-292-7545. To make a payment for your order you can send me the money through paypal (my email is  mail me a personal check, or you can quick pay me through chase bank (my email is

About Me

Hello World, My name is Michelle Marte it’s 2014 & I am a mom now.In my busy life as a mom who works full time I don’t have much time to crochet but I always make time. Everyday I try and make at least 2 pieces and If I could do more I would. Most of my orders are custom but the best part of crocheting for me is creating my own designs. I know you guys will love what you see so enjoy my works of art.

What is shellz goodies?

ShellzGoodies is the name of my crochet line and my opportunity to express myself creatively. It’s a chance for people to get to know me without actually meeting me.

What makes my crochet items special?

Each and every item I create is done with careful planning and ingenuity. I get a vision or see an idea and I do what I do best “I bring my designs to life”. On a daily basis I crochet everywhere, the train, my desk, at work, at the dinner table, and most of all in my bed.

What is my inspiration?

As a kid I used to always mess around in the linen closet, where my mom kept her handmade baby blankets. I love my mother’s style but her color scheme not too much. I always told myself that when I grew up I would learn how to crochet so I can use the brightest colors, and sure enough when I was 18 years old my mom taught me. Over the years I have made over 50 scarves, but it wasn’t until I started facilitating a group at  Gilda’s Club NYC ( a community for all people impacted by cancer, we offer free social & emotional support) in 2009, that I really began to challenge myself. I was inspired by a few extraordinary women, who took the time to teach me, when I was suppose to be schooling them. once I learned how to make hats and slippers I started expanding my product line. After a lot of encouragement from my aunt kiki to start making clothes, I pushed my creativity and I started making beautiful ponchos, sweaters, & even cute vest for my little boy chase.


One thought on “All About ShellZ

  1. WooHoo!! Hey, you should link to Gilda’s Club, just saying! Loving your stuff, you lean mean crocheting machine! Miss you!

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